About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Moll Stalcup, PhD. was born in Cottage Grove, Oregon, and grew up in Covina, California, about twenty miles east of Los Angeles. She received her B.S. and M.S. degrees from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and her Ph.D. from Stanford University in geology. While in the process of earning her BS she studied for 18 months at the University of Bergen in Norway and traveled throughout Europe in a battered Volkswagen bug. After a successful career as a geologist specializing in the volcanoes of Alaska, Elizabeth left research science in 1995 to devote herself to writing. She is the author of over 40 scientific publications and in the last seven years, has sold over 40 articles to a variety of publications including Inside Journal, Breakpoint Radio, Charisma, Ministries Today, Christian Parenting Today, Decision, Virtue, Women Alive!, Power for Living, and Spirit-Led Woman.

Elizabeth is a popular inspirational speaker whose transparency and self-deprecating humor makes audiences laugh–and cry. She is passionate about seeing God touch lives in ways that transform us into all we were meant to be. The Stalcups attend Church of the Apostles, a Spirit-filled Anglican Church in Fairfax, Virginia, where Sam and Elizabeth are part of the healing prayer ministry team.

In 2003, Elizabeth and the Rev. Hayes Perdue started The Healing Center at COA. We starting by teaching relationship skills to a handful of people; 18 months later, the Healing Center expanded to include Theophostic Prayer Ministry, a powerful form of inner healing, and series of relationship skill classes from Equipping Ministries International in Cincinnati, Ohio; as well as Soaking prayer, grief seminars, The Life Model and Cuje’s Choice Cube.  “Our goal,” says Elizabeth, “is to bring people into wholeness in Christ so that our church becomes a caring community that reaches out to our neighbors and the world.  We want remove every barrier to knowing God intimately.”

In recent years people from all around the world have come to the Healing Center seeking healing–and training–so they can take what they have learned back to their own country.

Church of the Apostles is also seeing an increase in physical healing (more at http://www.churchoftheapostles.org/index.php/coa/detail/testimonies/).  People are finding healing for everything from back pain to cancer at the Father’s Blessing, our Friday evening healing service and at the prayer rail where people can receive prayer from trained prayer ministers at the close of the regular weekend services.

Elizabeth lives in Reston, Virginia, with her husband, Sam and their standard poodle with a buzz, Darby. They have three grown children and two son-in-laws who make their homes in Asheville NC, Chapel Hill NC and Williamsburg VA.


4 thoughts on “About Elizabeth”

  1. Hi Betsy,
    Sam sent me the link to Ann and Dan’s ongoing journey along the PCT. Wow! What a wonderful adventure!

    Then I clicked on your link and read some of your facinating articles, and your bio sketch. I knew for a long time just from talking with you on the street that you were very special and also remarkable in ways that I had yet to learn. Now I know much more about how accomplished and deep a soul you are and am so happy to realize that you and Sam (unique in his own right) are just across the street from us.

    Mike –and Ann

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