Forming a Work of Grace, day six

February 23, 2014

Takle writes: “Far too many people think that God simply punishes sin after it is committed, and that our job is to try to be as good as possible in order to avoid God’s judgement.”

Where am I?  I am so fearful.  Afraid of failure.  Lord, deliver me from fear of failure, from fear of not being loved and received.  I get angry when I think of some of the things that have happened to me.

G-d: You are angry because you feel unappreciated, invalidated, unseen. This goes back to your childhood when the very essesence of you were was not received by your parents. But I received you. I made you. I formed you. I gave you a sensitive, deep heart. I wanted you to be that way, exactly as I made you.  Let me lift the heavy burdens off you.

Lord, flow into me and take the burdens, they are too much for me!


New book by Elizabeth Moll Stalcup

January 21, 2012

I believe that life is a journey our destinations determined by the choices we make at each crossroad. So begins, Crossroads Before Me, the new inspirational memoir from Elizabeth Moll Stalcup

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