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What make the Life Model (and Restarting) unique

Churches are typically made up of two groups of people: Those who say they are “just fine” and those who feel that they need help. Those who need help often feel that they don’t belong, that everyone else’s needs are being met—but not theirs--and that no one really cares about them. Often the people who… Continue reading What make the Life Model (and Restarting) unique

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Eating crow on Good Friday

I've been reading Karl Lehman's new book, Outsmarting Yourself, Catching Your Past Invading the Present and What to Do About It. In the book he talks about recognizing triggers. You know, the moments when you get stirred up about something. A meltdown. An overreaction. A not-so-nice reaction to someone you normally love. We all learned… Continue reading Eating crow on Good Friday


Lessons from the Life Model

It is a simple exercise, you simply say, “Lord, help me to perceive you,” then when you see where he is, and make that connection, say, “Lord, help me to perceive you more clearly.” ( Quiet yourself and enjoy being with him. After all, Jesus is always with us, even if we do not believe… Continue reading Lessons from the Life Model