Forming, a work of grace, day 11

On page 63 Takle writes about gratitude.  Gratitude is a wonderful bridge to seeing Him in our life.  We can practice gratitude intentionally. “We can open our heart to Him in a spirit of gratitude for His abiding presence. As we do so, we can begin to take notice with our spirit that He is closer than our own breath.

Lord I am grateful for a warm house on a frigid day (we just bought a new heat pump and the house is so much warmer)

For my husband Sam who is loving, even while sick with a bad cold.

For good health

For helpers! Cheryl, Roxy, Deborah, Louise, June, Sam

For peace while I work and for fulfilling work.

For friendships and family.

There is so much to be grateful for, even when we suffer there is always some consolation!


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