Forming, a work of grace, day 10

Takle writes:  “Many Christians even have memories of times when they sensed God’s presence, but have little awareness of him in their everyday life.  When we pray we may feel as if we are sending messages out into the void . . .  Our first step is to believe with all my heart that he permeates the membranes of my body and exists in and between every cell of every part of me.”

Lord, help me believe with all my heart that you love me and are in me.  It is hard to believe that you were not reluctant to take up residence in me!  I must be a disappointment to you.

G-d: I did not hesitate. I was so glad that you came to me. I had been watching you your whole live, waiting for the moment you would turn to me. I was excited to see it coming. The angels rejoiced. You have no idea idea how happy you made me when you turned my way and cried out to me. I did not hesitate but reached out to embrace you.  I am not disappointed with you. I saw it all. I saw your suffering. I understand why you made the choices you made though they made me sad. That was why it was such a delight to my heart when you came to me. I can help you. I am your source of life. You can’t have a satisfying life without me, so now that we are in love, there is no limit to what I can do in you. I am so excited!  Take my hand, I have so much to show you!


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