Forming, a work of grace, day nine

On page 60 Takle writes, “We have so little experience of God’s love by his children that many have come to believe he is either too distant or too angry . . . for us to ever think about being close to him . . .  Only when we discover how much God truly delights in being with us can we have any hope.”

Lord, how do you delight in me?

As soon as I asked that question I felt the presence of God strongly, right in the front of my brain. Peace. Lightness. As if all my burdens were gone.

G-d: I delight in you!  Delight yourself in me and I will give you the desires of your heart.

Lord, what does that look like?

G-d: It looks like what you are doing now. Interacting with me! Spending time with me, gazing at my beauty, receiving my love, resting in my presence.  Letting me love you and lift your burdens off you. Cast all of them on me, I care for you!

Thank you Lord!


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