Forming a Work of Grace, day seven

Ephesians 1:4-8

He chose us in love for adoption as His children . . . according to the riches of His grace that He lavished on us.

Imagine God is thinking about you. What do you think he is thinking?

I imagine He is thinking, She’s behind. She had better get going!  There’s a lot to be done.  I’ve called her to great works and I don’t want her to drop the ball!

G-d: My dear little one!  Let’s look at David together.  I molded and shaped him. I made him a shepherd knowing that a humble beginning would shape him in a good way.  It gave him a humble heart. Being outside, alone with me drew his heart to mine.  I surrounded him with physical, natural beauty. Landscapes, clouds, stars. I gave him the wisdom, cunning and strength to kill a lion and a bear. This gave him courage. His love relationship with me gave him the experiential knowledge of who I am. He was offended for my sake by Goliath’s blasphemous words and HAD to stand against him. He said with confidence, The Lord who delivered a lion and a bear into my hands will deliver this giant into my hands. He knew me as savior and deliverer. Hew as confident that I would deliver him. He ran toward the giant and when he killed the giant everyone ran after him.  He was annointed King. His reign was the high point in the kingdom because he had my heart towards me and the people.

I know your dreams. I gave them to you. I am a God of justice. To take a big leap forward, you need to take a big risk.

Lord, you know my weaknesses. I know that You want to be with me, that You are mentoring me. You want me to join You in what You are doing.

I read on page 56: “His love is the will and effort to rescue us from the power of sin, to reconnect with us, and change us from the inside out.”

Lord, root out whatever darkness is in me!


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