Forming a work of Grace, day five

Takle writes, “God does not reject us for being unfinished works. He wants us to be great receivers of His grace and goodness.”
This reminds me of Dallas Willard’s definition of grace: God doing in us what we cannot do for ourselves.  Lord, show me how this works, I know I am to receive. But when I read this I think of my tendency to want to do the right thing in order to be safe. But doing the right thing does not make me safe. The only true safety comes from knowing that I am Yours and that You watch over me with infinite care.

G-d:  That is right. I want you to know that you are safe in me. That nothing can separate us.

Takle writes, “Our life here is not a test of our resolve to see if we will do the right things, but an invitation to become part of what God wants to restore.”

God, what do you want to restore in me?”

G-d: Childlike joy! Pleasure in doing my work. Freedom to be who I made you to be.

Lord, do in me what I cannot do for myself. Teach me to be a gentle even with myself.


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