Forming a work of grace, day four

On page 49 Takle writes, “His love is not mere sentementality, but a robust, deliberate plan of action on our behalf. Many of us believe the quality of our relationship is measured by our behavior or how well we perform . . . If we find ourselves at some distance from God, how is it possible to perform well enough to get the relationship back when we cannot truly do well unless we already are connected.”

This makes so much sense. I need to be connected to God to do well but so many times when I sense distance I find myself trying to fix myself . . . so I can connect when I need to connection to be well. 

Oh Lord, what do you want me to know here?  As soon as I asked that question, I sensed, Lord, that you are smiling at me.

G-d: Yes, I am smiling at you. You’ve been trained to perform by your culture. It is not easy to turn it off is it?  I understand. I am patient. This is an important lesson. My love does not depend on your performance. I am always happy to be with you. Even when you do not like yourself.  What are you believing here?

That if I don’t work hard, I will fail. That ultimately I am a failure.  That I have to work hard to hide because at my core, I am a failure.  Pretty silly, huh?

G-d: Yes, very silly but very understandable!  Spend more time with me and feel my love. It will transform you!


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