Forming, a work of grace, day three

Takle writes on page 45, “Deep within the heart of every child of God is an all-encompassing desire to be connected to our Heavenly Father . . . He wants this too.”
Lord, I am feeling dry and needy. I feel like I can’t pick up the yoke and soldier on any more. Something must change. Let me know your love.
It says here, “God truely desire to be close to all his children. John 14: 16-23 says, We will come to you and make our home with you.” Show me how to do that.
G-d: You have much to learn. Just as you were overwhelmed seeing fourth grade math when you stood outside the classroom, yet it was not hard when you got there, so I will lead you step-by-step. I am with you always.
God was referring to a memory of a time when I was in second grade and my class was lined up outside the the fourth grade classroom, waiting for our teacher. As I stood there, I watched what they were doing on the board–long multiplication problems involving carrying numbers and I was overwhelmed. I remember thinking, I will never get this! I will fail! But when I got to fourth grade I found the math easy.
Lord, what about my anxious thoughts?
G-d, I will dispel them but you must obey me in the big and small things. Each think has its season: A time to sleep, a time to rest, a time to study and read. A time to enjoy the relationships I have given you. Let me order your day. Each day has a beautiful order to it that will bring you joy and delight. Let me order your day. I will show you how.


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