Forming, a work of grace, day two

David writes, on page 34, “Undoing the malformation from this world and a being reformed in Christ is a life long process.”

Oh. No. Really? A life long process? I want to be there. Lord, what do you want me to know?

I enjoy being with you just as you are!


Yes. I am not in a hurry. I am not disappointed. I enjoy being with you, watching you grow and learn. Would you want it to stop, our journey together?

No. Not when you put it that way.
How can I stop wanting to get there. I don’t think I enjoy the journey, I am always pushing to get things done and feeling like I am failing. You gave me three assignments and none of them are done!

Just stay aware of my presence. Let me give you my view, my perspective. There are so many exciting things ahead and each one will happen just exactly when it should. Meanwhile there are hours together to enjoy. The more you press into me, the more you will enjoy the journey.

Thank you Lord! I love you. It is delightful to be together. Nothing else can compare!


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