The Journey

While praying recently I had a sense of being carried by Jesus. This is what I saw:

The Journey
The little girl can only walk short distances and needs to be carried part of the way, she does not contribute much to the success of the hike. She does not know where they are going or how they are going to get there.

Sometimes she is in distress and needs comfort, the warmth of Abba’s arms, food, a diaper change, protection from the wind. The father enjoys holding the little one in his arms. He enjoys the sweetness of his baby. He is glad his child trusts him. She is not heavy to him, not a burden. She likes looking up into the green boughs overhead but what fills her heart is knowing that she is in her Abba’s arms and that she belongs to him.

The same is true for the father. He is glad they are together. As she spends time in his arms, she gets to know him. She sees how he responses to her cries for help with compassion, patience and gentleness. He is not in a hurry to reach their destination. As she watches him take care of her, she learns how to live and enjoys a love relationship that will never end.


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