Forming, A Work of Grace Day One

I’ve been slowly reading through Forming, A Work of Grace by David Takle. By slowly I mean slowly. I’m reading a bit, and then engaging in conversational prayer with God just like the well know book Jesus Calling. If you would like to follow along, get a copy of the book, and join the journey. I look forward to reading your comments as we journey together. For clarity, I am putting what I am hearing from God in italics.

Here is my first journal entry:
David Takle writes on page 32: “A major part of Christian formation is understanding the nature of our relationship with God and learning how to be with Him, not just think about him or have correct theology about him . . . We need to give time and attention, because relationship involves shared life experience and knowing each others hearts.”

In response to this I asked, Lord, do I know your heart for me? What I heard was this: I love you more than you can imagine! I cherish you. I am continually attentive to your heart, to nourish you and cause you to grow and bloom.

Lord, what can I do to deepen our bond?

Spend more time with me. Be still. Be at rest. I want you to enter into such a state of secure love that my love flows out of you. You will not take offense, you will bask in my love and the security of my attentive care.

More tomorrow!


3 Responses to Forming, A Work of Grace Day One

  1. This is interesting because I loved the Jesus Calling devotional for about three months. Then I started feeling as if the words that the author shares were just not inspiring me. I realized that I needed to start hearing from God more regularly. I love the Immanuel Approach and have been doing a solo-process where I really perceive God speaking to me. But I was wanting more than that morning time to hear his voice.

    When you mentioned that you were going through this book, I was drawn to research the author’s website
    and was delighted to read and hear very inspiring words from the author, David Takle. I sensed that the book, Formation: A Work of Grace, would help me to have a constant connection with God.

    I had really been working on practicing the presence of God through various ways, including just talking to him. But I wasn’t completely satisfied. David Takle promises that he is not using anything outside of the Gospels to help the reader have a relationship with God where he is as real as any person we know. That is what I want!

    I appreciate that you have inspired me to order this book which I just received yesterday and already feel hopeful that this is really going to make a difference. I am coaching a young man who is a strong Christian, and I want to have something really meaningful to share. I am a mentor to my children as well as my former husband, and I hope that as I learn, I will be able to share something that we all long for–to have an intimate relationship with God where we feel his love and co-create with him the Kingdom of God that he promises to bring on earth as it is in heaven.

    I am really looking forward to this~

  2. Oh, I just found that there are some excerpts from this wonderful book on the website. Here is the most recent post on confession. Excellent!

  3. I have finished the book and am sharing it with my former husband now who is really enjoying it. This is the best book on spirituality I have ever read. I feel so grateful to you, Elizabeth, for recommending it. Reading this book was profoundly inspiring and helped me realize my priority more than ever before–to seek first the kingdom of God….because truly…all these things will be added unto me.

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