Advice on relationship: How do I reach my friend who believes in God but not Jesus?

I recently heard a few questions from students that I thought I would try to answer

One girl asked, “How do I help my friend who believes in God in a general sort of way but does not know Jesus?”

We were made to have an intimate relationship with our creator and when we don’t we don’t know what we are missing!  I would encourage you to share, when it seems natural, your own interactions with God. What happens when he touches you? What happens when you pray for someone and they are healed? You can also share stories from the lives of others, but your own stores are the most powerful as people tend to give more credence to the stories of people they know.  You can also share what you believe, namely that there is a personal God who cares about her but that many people do not realize that he requires something of them.  What does he require?  That we face reality about who we are and who he is. This is not a friendship or a partnership. He is not Santa Claus giving gifts to the good. He is the giver. He gives us all the good things we have, even our very breath. We must acknowledge that all that we have comes from God and recognize that we need to be saved, we need him to save us.  Our job is to receive, to not delude ourselves into thinking that we can do it on our own.

While you share, don’t forget to pray for her.

Other things you can do:

Ask her if she would like to experience the presence of God.  If she says, yes, then lay hands on her and pray for her. Ask her to breath deeply and slowly and be aware of her body. Ask what she is feeling. Many people feel warmth, tingling, a lightening of the load, a sense of trust that all will be okay.  If she is able to feel his presence you might want to ask God, “Is there anything you want her to know?”

Watch Billy Graham’s videos with her and ask he what she thinks. They are on YouTube and lay out the Gospel in a very compelling manner.

Wait for a crisis in her life and love and pray for her through it.  Everyone faces a crisis at some point and sadly people are often abandoned in a crisis by family and friend who are overwhelmed by what is happening. You can be the one to stay connected, listen and love.

We can’t fix other people but we can love them as Jesus did!

I hope that helps


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