September 27

me to David


This is great.
I think I would stop worrying about whether or not you have been baptised in the Holy Spirit and just enjoy connecting with God.

I speak in tongues all the time but I don’t think it is all that easy to understand what that is like or to start. I had many people pray for me and I didn’t start until I was on my own.  The tingling is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit as are the jerks that Chris and I have.

Just some thoughts about tongues. You control the sound coming out. When speaking in tongues you can start or stop at any time.  So when I am praying for someone to get that gift I speak in tongues and ask them to join me. That seems easier for them, kind of like join a song as opposed to having to start a song on your own.  Sometimes you begin to emit a sound and then syllables pour out that are not sounds that are in your mind, in fact they often sound unfamiliar. So starting and stopping you control just like any speech.  The sounds that come out are formed somehow by God.

It is good that you have a room of your own!  Tell God you would like the gift of tongues and then try making some sound and see what comes out. It may feel at first that you are making it all up, but as you do it, your mind will go places.

How do I explain this?  I often start praying for people by speaking in tongues and as I do, distinct impressions will come into my mind, such as, He was rejected by his father, she needs to release grief. In other words, as I speak in tongue, God speaks to me. It is like putting the clutch in on your brain.
About a year ago, Sam was praying for a woman and she told him that he was saying in perfect  Burmese Malay (the language of her childhood), “You are mine,” over and over again.  Amazing, huh?  I think a lot of what comes out is actual language but if there is no one who understands it, then only God understands what we are saying. Also sometimes someone is given an interpretaton of what was spoken in tongues.
Some churches can be pushy about this.  I would not let anyone push you or say that you have to speak in tongues to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. I have a feeling that what you have been feeling for some time is the Holy Spirit.

I would also write down any words of knowledge or prophesys because it is good to record them and sometimes, years later, when you read them you are amazed.

I received a word of knowledge on Saturday and was also slain in the Spirit after many jerks. It is a great feeling to be overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit.

I suspect that you have been pretty left-brained in recent years and now your right brain is coming alive. It is a great feeling to have both halves integrated and working together.

I love soaking prayer. You just quiet yourself and connect with God. There is soaking music. I have a CD by Laura Woodly called Home, that I love, or you can just be silent.  A good way to start is to let your mind return to a place where you felt connected to God.  It can be a simple as the time you were leaving the cafeteria and was sensing how much God loved you.

I recently returned to a picture I had in my mind of my father, now deceased, playing tennis with Jesus. As I went back to that picture, I was in it, playing tennis with Jesus, against my dad.  There was a lot of healing in that picture because I feared my dad for most of my life and in the scene we were enjoying a wonderful, fast paced game, relaxed and whole.

If you are like me, keep a pad of paper nearby to write down any impressions that surface or any things that you need to do that you don’t want to forget so you can write them down, forget about them, and get back to soaking.

Well that is all the wisdom for the day.
I do find some Charismatic churches can be over the top, so listen to your own comfort level and never let anyone pressure you. God doesn’t pressure us, nor should anyone else.

We pray for you every night. I really enjoy our conversations.

Bless you,



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