September 27 AM

David to me:

My prayer for the past several days has been for God to reveal himself to me in new ways. Well. A couple things have happened. The first is that I’m suddenly intrigued by the idea of soaking in prayer. I read a little online, as I tend to do for any new thing that interests me. Sarah tells me you’re someone to talk to about it.

Second is that in reading about soaking on Saturday, I ran across the concepts of words of knowledge and personal prophecy. Talking to Sarah on Saturday, I heard about her experience with them in the past few days at Hillsong. On Sunday I went to a new church with Sam Dobbs, and got to hear it myself. So that was a pretty rapid chain of events.

This church is called “Harvest Renewal Church,” and it’s the sort of place where the Holy Spirit moves in power. I’ve never seen a pastor dance during worship before. Two people came up to share words of knowledge. I got to see a woman, overcome with the Holy Spirit, squeal, convulse, and fall on her back and lie there for a good five minutes.

I talked to the dancing pastor after the service and told him a bit about myself and how I can clearly see God at work in a few of the people I interact with, but that I’ve never felt His presence as strongly as other people did that morning. That turned into a discussion of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

One of the people who’d had a word of knowledge was a lady visiting from out of town. She’s one of those people anointed to bring and share the Holy Spirit. And she told me that I have a brilliant mind which often holds me back from receiving God (true), that the next 3 months would be a powerful time for me, something about the book of Acts, and something about being a seer. She was hearing the word “homeland,” but neither of us had a clue what that meant. This of course progressed to a big hands-on speaking in tongues prayer for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. The pastor told me I would feel sounds or syllables bubbling up inside me and that they would seem foolish, but I should let them out. He convulsed, a la Chris Rothgeb, a couple times just before we started. I felt a whole lot of intensity in them but no sounds in me. I caught myself thinking about it all 3 times during the prayer.

When we were done my hands were tingling and I was neither disappointed nor impressed. When he asked, I told the pastor that I hadn’t felt in syllables inside me, and he told me that I would over the course of the day. I didn’t. As I headed for my friends by the door, I noticed that my chest and arms were tingling too. I didn’t have any thoughts about it then, but later I thought that if the tingle in my hands were just from the intensity of being prayed for, the sensation ought to fade rather than spread and last for minutes.

Was I baptized with the Holy Spirit? Maybe. I guess. I feel like “maybe” is tantamount to “no.” If the sheep know the shepherd’s voice, then being baptized with the Holy Spirit is something that ought to inspire confidence and belief, not questioning. I remember the pastor there telling me that after the Holy Spirit comes to live in you, that you feel you’re a new person, and colors seem more vivid, etc. I’ve felt the new person part continuously since last spring. I just don’t know.

So that’s my life as of yesterday.



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