Conversations with David, mostly about faith,

Five days later, September 18, 12:35 PM

me: How did the band thing go?

David: the director said to wait until the basketball schedule comes out

so I’m just relaxing and putting the whole issue aside for now

me: That sounds like it worked out then.

David: seems like it

The past two days were really though

I seriously spent all my free time doing homework

me: That does sound hard.

David: I was on facebook for 30 minutes, and then I spent the entire evening doing homework

all of my time

but I feel good now

me: So do you feel like, I got through this and it was okay or I never want to be in this place again?

David: I got through this and I can get better at it, but boy did it suck to be there

I am not sure how much room for getting better there is

me: I never got very good at managing my time until i had a baby at the beginning of my Ph.D program at Stanford.

Then I was forced to study during the hours that day care was available–no evening or late night studying. I was surprized how well it worked. I sometimes had to ask my professors to give me assignments ahead of time.  Big papers and stuff. I would tell them, I cannot pull this together in a weekend, you need to tell me now what you want.

But I have heard that engineering is a lot of hours.

David: well the precedent seems to be homework assigned Friday morning and due the next Friday afternoon

Right now the homework is basic math catch-up

graphing and vectors

so if the pattern holds for the tougher stuff we’re coming to, I should be ok

me: That is good.

It is nice that they give you a week.

David: the real pain is the math, which is hard

and there is lots of it

my professor thinks that since we have a test on Tuesday, assigning homework due electronically tonight, tomorrow night, and Monday night

is a good idea

not happy about that

I was hoping to get ahead on next week this weekend

maybe I still can, but it just got harder

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me: I’ll pray: Jesus, you know that David has a lot of work to do, please guide him as he works that he would know what to do and what not to do. Enlighten his mind to understand what he is learning and help him to sense your presence and your love.

In Jesus’ name,



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