Conversations with David, mostly about faith, 14

September 13: 8:41 PM 


me: Cool. Are you going to smash him, catch him and put him outside or just study him?

David: how about “hope he leaves quickly?”

me: My husband says I am an earthy woman because I sometimes smash bugs with my bare hands.  Too many long field seasons in Alaska.

It was me or the mosquitos.

8:46 PM David: 😛

I understand

me: How are you doing?

8:48 PM David: my life just got very interesting

I want to tell you about it

but can I get back to you a little later?

me: Yes, of course.

Even if I am not here, you can post it and I will read it later.

me: Can we talk/chat in the morning?
or can you send me an email describing what is happening?


I was fretting over something which seemed like a huge deal, but I see now that it isn’t. Short version: the director of the pep band here wants to make me a committed, future-core-member of the group by having me commit time to the band in return for a scholarship. I would contract for an amount of money, to be paid at the end of the band season. If I miss events, money is deducted from the original amount.

I’d decided but not resolved that pep band was going to be the lowest of my priorities, after faith and school. As in, I knew I was set on that, but wasn’t solid about it. And I had told the director that I did not expect to make every event and was considering whether I’d have any time at all for the band. So being offered a scholarship was surprising and a little…unsettling? Shaking? But I believe now that it doesn’t matter at all. Either I do the band because it’s fun and I have time for it, or I don’t, just the same as before money entered the picture.

I am struggling a bit with time management. I’ve been doing Christian fellowship groups on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, one through a church here and led by an adult, and one through Intervarsity and led by college students. On Thursday I go to Intervarsity’s “Large Group,” essentially a super-informal church service. Each of these things is different and seems important to me for its own reasons. They also make homework seriously unpleasant by the end of the week. I’ll see how it goes this time, my third try at all of this.



Me: You are on the right track with band. I would do exactly what you intended to do before money was a factor but I would also let the leader know that that is what you intend to do because he may be thinking that he will get more of you if he pays.  You want his expectations to match what you intend to do. We all love to please people and you don’t want to be in a situation where he is unhappy with you or feels cheated in some way.

Time management is hard. I struggle with it to but our Lord has promised that “his load is easy and his burden light.”  He will lead you if you need to drop one of your Christian commitments or show you a way to get it all done anyway, or most of it, or enough of it.

I found that many of my college professors acted as if theirs was the only class I was taking and loaded on the work. I had to find ways to cut corners which never made me comfortable, yet I simply could not read all the books they expected me too. I read most of them.  But not all of them, not every word.  I never missed class because that is where they tell you what they consider to be the most important material and I worked on making a fantastic set of notes by augmenting my lecture notes with notes from the assignments so that I had something I could read through that summarized all the material.

Engineering is a bit different but much the same in that the professors will go over the most important stuff in class.

Don’t forget to ask Jesus to help you learn, to absorb and understand what you need to know and to retain it. He will help you. Ask him to release creativity into you when you are stuck, to give you wisdom to know when to start and stop–sometimes sleep or even a five-minute walk will restore you when you feel fried.

I will be praying for you.

All the best,




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