Conversations with David, mostly about faith, 12

September 3: 7:23 PM 

me: How are you, David? Well I hope.

David: reaaaaalllllly tired right now

two very long days in a row

but not bad

not at all

7:25 PM me: Good. Any plans for sleep? 🙂

David: before 10

maybe at 9

if I run out of reasons to be awake


I should email my parents

and read

and sleep

me: 🙂

David: college is pretty cool

but right now it’s more tiring than TJ

even though I have less work

me: Yes, I remember. It gets in a rhythm and less tiring.

David: good

I still haven’t worked out a rhythm yet

still finding different ways to spend time

I’ll settle in a few weeks


Right now, I’m seeing what my favorite songs sound like with the volume cranked all the way up

it’s fantastic, although the person two floors down from me is probably asking the person one floor under me to turn down their music

me: 🙂

What are your favorite songs?

David: that’s a short question with a long answer

to start with 1/2 of everything Switchfoot has published

are favorites

I like a lot of what The Blues Brothers recorded

my favorite genres are blues and jazz

me: Cool

Tried Hillsong yet?

David: no!

keep having other things to do

ah, and there were several other things I was supposed to go find on youtube


David: thank you

I shall listen to that

me: Me too.

David: nice

were these recorded where Sarah is?

oh. I really like You Are Here (The Same Power)

me: I think they were recorded at the conference. Sorry I vanished. I listened to Hillsong for all this time. Can’t believe it but you can get lost in worship.

You asked if these were recorded where Sarah is. They have a big conference every June and they rent a stadium in Sydney. So it is the band she sees and this is her church, it is just that they don’t usually meet in a football stadium.

David: ah

of course 😛

me: Well some churches do meet in football stadiums.

Like the largest church in the world in Seoul Korea.

When they pray, they all shout out to God simultaneously and a roar goes up.

Sounds like heaven, I think.

David: same idea

I am going to go to sleep

me: Good night!

David: thanks for checking up:)

me: God bless you!

Always. I am enjoying getting to know you.

David: 🙂

good night


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