Conversations with David, mostly about faith, 10

August 24th

Me to David:

Wow!  What you write seems so genuine and true. It strikes me that this is exactly what our journey is like.  We spend time with God and amazing things flow out of it.  We don’t always get what we want; He is not a vending machine, I often remind myself, when I think that if I spend enough time with him, he ought to let me push the buttons!

Yet, he loves to give good things to his children.
It is a very good thing to journal as you read. We often see God best in hindsight. When I read my own journals, I am amazed at the many times I have encountered God in the everyday.
I believe the Holy Spirit was with you when you were spending time reading and journaling. He is always with you. All the time, but some times we are more aware, like a radio signal that is always there but we aren’t always tuned in.  I hate to compare God to a radio signal, it seems such a poor example of the Almighty!
Our standard poodle Darby has been sick and I had to make about 25 cups of oatmeal yesterday, then boil a bunch of meat to make homemade dog food per the vet’s instructions.
Bless you, David,


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