Conversations with David, mostly about faith 9

August 23

Me to David:

Just a thought. I feel that I was neglectful to not think of this before.
We leak, so it is always good to invite Him to fill you afresh or for the first time.
There is some great teaching on this. In a nutshell we want to live the life that makes Him want to be there, but it is not about performing; part of it is wanting Him to be there, just like any friend. He likes it when you are glad to be with Him.

David to me:

I spent…something like two hours with reading Remix and Experiencing God this morning. I filled a 5 pages of a small notebook with thoughts, new understandings, and prayers, that came to me while I was reading Experiencing God. It felt really good. When I thought about it later, it seemed like I didn’t feel alone while I was spending time on this. I don’t think I felt anything or anyone with me while I was doing it. Just a feeling that afterwards that in that time and place I was . . . whole.

As I write this I’m convincing myself that the Holy Spirit was with me then. I don’t like that because I can’t tell where that comes from, from God or from me making more of it long after it happened. So I have more to share with God tomorrow morning.

I read the early part of Experiencing God that very clearly lays out God’s love for us. Since, I spent all morning with God, I didn’t make any plans for lunch. I went to the dining hall alone, and I thought of what you said what I was packing on Friday. I invited God into my situation and asked Him to guide me through lunch. Well, nothing happened and I ate alone.

As I left I was thinking about God’s love and wisdom, that He still cared about me even if He didn’t jump at what I wanted. Maybe 10 seconds after I moved on to thinking of other things, this random guy asks me if I would like to join a Bible discussion. I say yes and start talking with him. It turns out he’s a mechanical engineer one year older than me and living two floors above me. That blew my mind.

I’m keeping myself up late writing to you! But I feel it’s important. Anyway, that’s the big story of my day.




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