Conversations with David, mostly about faith 5

Later that night, I continued the conversation:

Sent at 9:05 PM on Sunday

me:  There is a great book about the devil trying to trick a new Christian called Screwtape Letters. It is very old. I hear you have read it but a reread will be eye opening now that your perspective had changed.

David:  I’m back now.

I started reading Screwtape last week, and I’ve gotten about halfway. It was interesting, enlightening, I saw myself in some of it, and I got a lot out of it. It didn’t prepare me for what I felt earlier, though. It seemed more about mental pitfalls and the like. And I feel, for where I am now, the Experiencing God book is closer to what I need.

Thanks for talking with me. I needed to share it with someone, but I didn’t want to start talking to you with only five minutes to spend on it. Turns out that was enough 🙂




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