Email from David, mostly about faith 4

David came by that Friday evening and patiently sat as Sam and I dumped our cumulative college wisdom on him. Go to class. Take notes. You don’t have to read everything but know what your professors have gone over in class. Find a good Christian group.

I had also contacted two guys I knew at VCU, asking them to befriend David. One was was freshman like him and another was a sophmore.

The next morning he was gone.

On August 22 his status said: In college

My response:
Wow! That sounds so grand and all encompassing! In college indeed.

David: hahaha
oh, yes

me: How is it going?

David: the college part is fine but something strange just happened a few minutes ago. I was reading Experiencing God and I got to the part where it pointed out that one needs to accept Jesus Christ as your savior before you can work on the love relationship and I realized I hadn’t explicitly done that, so I did and then the book said to pray on that, so I started and then this thought came out of nowhere and said, “You could just put these books away and never touch God again,” which was a horrible thought and with it came this incredible sense of . . . hollowness inside like something important had vanished and I knew I could deal with it, with time and prayer but it didn’t feel like I could and I was still struggling with it when a guy knocked on my door and asked me to fill out a form and now I’m better, I think.

me: Jesus, come and touch David. Help him to know that you are with him and that nothing, nothing can separate you from him.

The truth is: You have an enemy. He is not happy. He has no real power except to deceive you. Like a lion in a cage.

So in those moments just turn to God and say, Help! this is scary, I need to sense your presence, show me where you are.

David: yes. Thank you

me: It is amazing, the power of our choices.

David: we’re having a floor meeting now, and I need to run but please keep typing. I’ll read it soon. It’s important to me.
me: Your decision to accept Jesus is like taking a fork in the road and once you turn in that direction, and start to walk, it changes the direction you are heading in and opens up new choices that you wouldn’t have had unless you took that first step. But God is so powerful and wonderful. He has you.


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