Email from David, mostly about faith 3

David to me
I’d love to visit. Right now, I’m not sure when I’m free and when I’m committed to doing stuff with my family, but what date and time would work for your schedule?

August 14
Me to David
I just got back from Pennsylvania. Tomorrow would work. Give us a call since I am not sure what we are doing. I think we are home Monday, too. With Jayden, the seven year old girl who spends time with us each week.
Let us know what works for you.

August 15
Me to David:
While I was away, Sam told Sammy we would help him move to Arlington today. Want to help us?

We are off to church now but should be back by 1:00. The plan is to fill as many vehicles as we can so as to make a single trip to his new home in Arlington. Yes, Sammy has a job!

Want to help out?

David to me
Good for him! I’d be happy to help out. I’ll try to be there by 1:20


And so he came with his father’s huge Tahoe, a big big truck. And as we were carrying parts of Sammy’s Ikea furniture out the truck, I began to have this sensation in my belly that the Holy Spirit was excited. It was a new sensation, a fluttery feeling in my torso and I was reminded of John Wimber, of whom it was said, could feel in his body when someone was about to be born again. I began to pray as we ferried furniture up the stairs and out to the truck. What should I say? My stomach was doing handsprings. I thought about asking David, Do you know that you can surrender your life to God and he will actually come inside you and guide your life? But that didn’t seem quite right so I kept praying. Then the idea came to me that David was drawn to our family because he was hungry for more of God, so I said, “Tell me if I am wrong, but I sense that you are hanging around us because you are hungry for more of God.”

“That’s right!” he said excited. I’ve always thought God was well . . . God.”

I knew what he meant: God far off and unknowable, an absent-minded, benevolent figure who only paid attention to those who were angelic or awful.

“But,” he continued, “about four months ago I got to know your daughter, who knew God. . .”

We prayed for David in the driveway of Sammy’s new house.
The next day I ordered a copy of the Message devotional, Remix, which teaches you the lecto diva method of Bible study, and Experiencing God. I texted him to let him know I had a little something for him and to see if he had time to stop by before he left for college.

Aug 20 chat
5:02 PM David: would it work for you if I stopped by at 8?
5:05 PM me: Yes, that would be perfect. Sam will be home by then.
David: great!
5:06 PM I will be there
5:07 PM aaaaaand now to finish packing before my Dad comes home and has a conniption.  Bye.
me: Oh Lord, help David pack!
David: haha, I exaggerate. See you soon.
5:27 PM me: God is willing to help. He loves you. Invite him to join you. You will feel his presence.


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