Email from David, mostly about faith 2

August 6
David to me
I let this slip away from me this week, but I enjoyed driving with you last time and I’d like to try it again. Are there any mornings in the next several days that work with your schedule?

Best Wishes,


Me to David
I wish. I got rear ended yesterday while pulling out of the West Falls Church Metro parking lot.
The Fit is not happy. Back window shattered, glass everywhere and the hatch is mashed. I am getting a rental car on Monday, I hope. I doubt it will be a manual transmission, but I can ask.
Hmmm. I doubt they would let you drive a rental car.
I think we may have to wait until the car is out of the shop.
When do you leave for college?

David to me:
Oh no! That’s terrible. I wouldn’t want to put that responsibility–me driving a rented car–on you anyway.

I go to college Saturday, August 21. I expect my days to become increasingly crowded as that date approaches, but I can be arrange to be available any time that works for you.




Me to David:
Even if we can’t do driving lessons, DO come by and visit before you go.


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