Lessons from the Life Model

It is a simple exercise, you simply say, “Lord, help me to perceive you,” then when you see where he is, and make that connection, say, “Lord, help me to perceive you more clearly.” (www.kclehman.com)

Quiet yourself and enjoy being with him. After all, Jesus is always with us, even if we do not believe in him, so the sense that we are alone is a matter of our perception, not reality. He is there. With me. With you.

The other night I was watching a DVD with my family when a memory flooded back—losing my new red bike to my brother.  Before you conclude that my parents are heartless, let me explain.  I was the second of five children and had received a new bike, a rarity, for my birthday. I eyed the shiny wheels and frame and my heart sang.  Then a few months (or was it years?) later my older sister got a new bike for her birthday,  so all the bikes bumped down the peaking order: I got her old one, a used blue, heavy thing and my bike went to my younger brother. I remember well the sting, the sense of outrage. It was, after all, my bike!

So I prayed silently, Lord help me to perceive you. All at once I saw Jesus in the garage with us kids. He was sad, too. He understood. Then I saw myself on the red bike, my bike, and was astonished to see my arms and legs akimbo.  Was I that big?  Was the bike so small? In the next scene, Jesus and I were racing down the hill that was our driveway, side by side shooting out on to the street then cutting left over to the dead end where we kids often rode.  The dead end! I had forgotten that the side street did not go through when I was young, but there it was!  We were laughing out loud, ear-splitting grins plastered on our faces.

There is nothing like connecting with Jesus to restore the soul.

But what if, when we ask Jesus to help us perceive him, we feel shame or anger?

I’ve seen this over and over again in my office when I ask someone to picture Jesus standing in front of them and then next thing I know they are sobbing.  I feel so unworthy, they say. Or, I feel so angry! Where was he when I was being abused? I cried out to him and he did not rescue me!

That is when we switch to Theophostic Prayer Ministry to uncover the lies that block our relationship with Jesus.  We are meant to live in joy.  The kind of joy that comes when we know we are the apple of someone’s eye.  Feeling blocked?  Confused?  Angry?  Check out Thephostic Prayer, especially the recording of a live session, or read my article about Theophostic from Charisma magazine.

My heart’s desire is to see you come into deeper intimacy with the giver of life, so that you know the peace and joy that only he can bring.

For more on the Life Model, go to http://www.Lifemodel.or  for lots of great information on how life works.


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